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"A truly professional company with its clients at heart. 3D- lipo and 3D- skinmed really are the market leaders in non- invasive medical aesthetics. Our clients are over the moon with the results they have which makes our job in the clinic a pleasure. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the team at 3D, the support we receive is second to none!"

Jemma Knox - Sculpt Aesthetics

"I’m absolutely loving 3D- lipo! It’s so effective and quick – what’s not to like about it?! I can see a change in my body with every treatment and I couldn’t recommend it enough."

Patsy Kensit - Actress

"We try out dozens of what are labelled ‘revolutionary’ or ‘miracle’ treatments at Saks and only the very best ones are offered in our salons. This 3D-lipo treatment really has amazed everyone at Saks HQ and we are thrilled to offer it in our salons."

Kirsty Jewson - Saks Beauty Expert & Owner of Saks Northallerton

"This salon prides itself on providing the newest treatments to its clients. Last year the salon introduced 3D- lipo, which almost tripled the salon’s target takings in just eight weeks. Subsequently, a new therapist joined the team and two more treatment rooms have been added."

Rebecca Bottomley - Saks Beauty, Halifax

"At Vanilla we offer arrange of hair & beauty services, but we had been searching for something exciting to add to our clinic. We discovered 3D- lipo through their amazing PR campaign and highly commended award in the Aesthetic Awards in 2013. We have grown our business over the last 12 months with the back-up of 3D- lipo and their amazing promotional campaign. Along with this, it’s great for our business with all of the celebrity stars talking about how they have all had positive results with 3D- lipo. We have a full diary weekly, and we are considering purchasing another machine. We have had amazing results and positive feedback- I would recommend that this is a business in a box. After working with 3D- lipo at Professional Beauty North and brushing shoulders with Amy Childs, we have recently received a message saying she has now invested in a machine. This is only the tip of the ice burg and the success has just begun, if you buy into 3D- lipo you buy into a brand and have a team behind supporting you and your business."

Jane Prentice - Vanilla Hair Health & Beauty

"Proskin Advanced Skin clinics have increased the number of 3D- lipo machines to satisfy demand for fat loss & body sculpting treatments. Clients who are serious about a life style change are getting great results from these treatments."

Amanda Thornton- Proskin Newcastle & Metrocentre

"I have previously owned several body sculpting and skin tightening devices including a 3rd generation radiofrequency device costing over £60,000 but I have always been disappointed with the lack of results and the return of investment. I was initially very sceptical about the 3D-lipo device as it seemed to offer all the latest technology in a single device, however I did agree to give it a try and have not looked back since.

The company offer greater support and are a pleasure to deal with, the consumables are of minimal expense and I have not had any problems with the equipment in over 2 years. This is truly the first device that I have bought that paid for itself within the first 3 months and I am confident in recommending it to my own patients and colleagues."

Dr. Martyn King - Cosmedic Clinic

"I’ve been working with 3D-lipo for the last couple of months now and have had a number of treatments to tackle a variety of areas. I had heard of 3D-lipo and wanted to see how it works, and just after a couple of sessions, I actually started to notice a difference – it’s incredible! The sessions are not long or painful either, so when I leave the clinic I can carry on with my day without having to worry about recovering which is perfect. I Loved the treatment so much I have now decided to introduce 3D- lipo to my own clinic! I can’t wait to offer this amazing treatments to my clients."

Amy Childs - Reality TV Star & Businesswoman

"I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to have the first medical version of the award winning 3D- lipo machine in my new clinic. This multi-platform technology offers a powerful non-surgical alternative to lipo suction with the addition of skin tightening and cellulite reduction modalities. I’m so proud to be able to offer my clients the very latest result driven technology."

Dr Leah Totton - Dr Leah Clinic & Winner of The Apprentice 2013

"3D-lipo has revolutionised the cosmetic medicine industry. Efficacious and affordable, patients and doctors alike love this treatment – it is a win-win situation."

Paul Banwell - FRCS (Plast) Director The Banwell Clinic

"3D- lipomed represents a significant advance in non-surgical body contouring. We have found it to be an amazing and extremely popular addition to our non-surgical cosmetic services and cannot praise it highly enough."

Paul Banwell - Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

"3D Lipo has been one of my best investments for my business not forgetting an amazing treatment for my clients. This technology has helped my small business grow and now I can offer my clients the newer version of the 3D- lipomed which offers superior results. The 3D- lipo team brand awareness is strong and positive which can only results in success for businesses and client satisfaction."

Lisa Harris - Skin Aesthetics

"We introduced 3D-Lipo to Renatus Clinic over 2 years ago. I was getting fantastic results from the very beginning from the Ultrasound Cavitation fat removal process combined with The Tri Polar Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. I was getting clients of all shapes and sizes, all were seeing a difference after the course of treatments. For some it was the kick start they needed to start a healthier way of life and others it allowed them to see a change in their shape after becoming despondant after trying lots of different diets. I also started treating some clients with the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening as a stand alone treatment mainly on the abdomen area, they too were seeing a real difference in the tone and texture of their skin after treatments.

The PR that 3D-Lipo have worked on has put the brand in the media spotlight and has helped to introduce business. I can say that it was a worthwhile investment that has paid off and still continues to do so."

Natalie - Renatus Clinic

"I introduced 3D Lipo to my clinic in March 2014. At first I was nervous about whether I would make a return on my investment, but it proved to be a very good move.

As soon as people heard I was getting the machine, I started to get bookings. My first patient insisted on having her treatment the day the machine was delivered!

3D-Aesthetics as a company have been fantastic in supporting me as a practitioner and also in promoting the brand. Everyone has heard of 3D Lipo, especially with high profile celebrities talking about their treatments. People google the brand and the practitioner finder site has sent several new clients through my doors. As a result, I have increased my revenue, not just through the Lipo treatments, but across all areas, as many of these clients have gone on to have other treatments in my clinic.

The best thing about 3D Lipo though is the results. They are consistently good, and patient satisfaction is high. Every time I post patient results on social media sites, I receive a flurry of new enquiries. As a sole practitioner who also performs other treatments, there is a limit to the number of patients I can treat in a week. Despite this, I recovered my investment within months of purchasing the machine. In addition, I did not see the summer lull experienced by many clinics, and I am already almost fully booked for January.

I can safely say I have had no regrets."

Dr Shirin Lakhani - Elite Aesthetics

3D Lipo