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Salon Name:

Svelte Body Clinic Ltd  

Salon Owner Name:

Bianca Lim


Near Euston station, London

How long have you had 3D- lipo in your clinic/ salon:

6 Months

Why 3D- lipo?

How did you hear about 3D- lipo?

I first heard about 3D-lipo by searching online for non-surgical treatments. When doing this research, I found that 3D-lipo was the brand for me due to their presence within the Beauty and Aesthetics Industry, their celebrity influences and medical endorsements.

What were the key driving factors behind your decision to purchase 3D-lipo?

When choosing to purchase from 3D-lipo it was the difference in cost between this brand and others that made my decision. The 3D-lipo machine offers the ability to create bespoke treatment plans and is affordable for both me and my customers without compromising on the technology standards, whilst others only offer single technology platforms for a lot more money.

How important was the 3 dimensional approach of this machine when making your purchase decision?

This high-end technology from 3D-lipo ltd allows me to offer a larger variety of non-surgical treatments than I would with a single technology platform. Due to this, my treatment menu is larger and I can tailor my treatments to each individual client concerns.

What do you feel gives 3D-lipo the edge over your competition in your area?

The before and afters speak for themselves – the 3D-lipo training courses ensure that we can guarantee results, thus customer satisfaction which puts us ahead of our competitors!

How would you say that 3D- lipo compliments / adds to your business model?

The variety of treatments that we are now able to offer due to 3D-lipo and the effectiveness of these non-surgical procedures have helped to cement our clinic’s reputation as being one of the best in the area for both the service provided and the results achieved.

Your Clients

How did your clients react to this new addition to your treatment menu?

The exposure around the 3D-lipo Ltd brand and the results that are achieved has resulted in every single one of our clients being confident when purchasing these treatments and they are always delighted with the results.

How are clients finding their results?

We continuously receive comments from our clients on how impressed they are with the outcome of their treatments.

Please give an example of a client who was pleased with their results… i.e. What was the client’s target? I.e. to lose fat, improve the appearance of cellulite, or tighten loose skin?

One client came into the clinic for an abdominal reduction and to treat lumpy fat on the stomach. To target these areas, we used a combination of cavitation, radio frequency skin tightening, shockwave and also the PPC serum.

We treated the cellulite in the area to smooth the skin and focussed on circumference reduction in the abdominal region which has resulted in the client losing 2 dress sizes!

In her words “I am so happy and feel like I can wear ‘sexy’ dresses again!”

What were the results? Before and after measurements (Inches/ cm)

This client has lost 7cm from her abdominal region and has gone from a UK size 14 to a UK size 10.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? – Any further comments about the machine/ the brand/ staff/ support?

I would like to make a special mention about Joanne, the Head Trainer at 3D-lipo Ltd. She’s an absolute gem – very patient and very knowledgeable!

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