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Salon Name: The Retreat

Salon Owner Name: Natasha Lister

Location:  Dewsbury

How long have you had 3D- lipo in your clinic/ salon? 12 Months

Why 3D- lipo?

How did you hear about 3D- lipo?

I first tried the 3D-lipo treatment 6 years ago when I was working in a beauty salon. I used to have a problem area around my stomach that I just couldn’t get rid of. I tried everything on the market to try and solve the issue from slim wraps, weight drinks and detox products. Then I tried 3D- lipo. I had a fat freeze and it was a miracle. Over time the fat stayed off and I was amazed at the results. Over the past 6 years, I’ve seen how much this technology has advanced and I was determined that when I set up my own business, I wanted to offer this fantastic product.

What were the key driving factors behind your decision to purchase 3D-lipo?

I have tried losing weight over the years, and in the process, I have tried lots of different ways that could help me shift the weight. Some either didn’t work or the others were simply a waste of money. That made me determined to offer my clients something that worked and was also great value for money. I felt it would put me in a great position to help my clients to benefit from this amazing product just as I did.

How important was the 3-dimensional approach of this machine when making your purchase decision?

Not only do the machines look amazing, but their sleek form advances the professionalism of my salon. The cutting edge technology that 3D- lipo provides, allows me to offer a wide variety of non-invasive procedures that eliminate the need for surgery; which our clients love.

What do you feel gives 3D-lipo the edge over your competition in your area?

There is no competition in my area for 3D Lipo. The results speak for themselves.

No other product on the market gives the same amazing results!

How would you say that 3D- lipo compliments /add to your business model?

Our business model promotes excellence and the most up-to-date technology in the beauty industry. Using 3D- lipo allows us to offer this to our clients and the results always live up to people’s expectations.

Your Clients

How did your clients react to this new addition to your treatment menu?

Our clients were excited that we could offer them a bespoke package that would give them their confidence back.

On average how many clients are you treating per week on 3D- lipo?

We have doubled our client base since delivering 3D- lipo and have now expanded and have a beautiful Day Spa.

How are clients finding their results?

We continuously receive comments from our clients stating they feel confident in their clothes and now feel comfortable in their own skin.

Please give an example of a client who was pleased with their results… i.e. What was the client’s target? I.e. to lose fat, improve the appearance of cellulite, or tighten loose skin?

One lady’s target was to lose weight and tighten up her mum-tum.

We focussed on her hips and tummy using Cavitation and we used Radio Frequency to tighten any loose skin.

In general, what has client feedback been like?

All clients are extremely happy with their results and

We are at a point now where clients are referring friends & family.

Business Talk

How do you advertise/ promote 3D- lipo to your existing clients and also new clients?

We use social media and have lots of before/after pictures around the salon. This not only shows our great results but it also promotes the different procedures in-house.

How have you found the response to your promotion of the 3D-lipo in comparison to any other launches you have undertaken?

My business expanded so quickly that I out-grew my previous property. I now have a beautiful Day Spa that can facilitate the need and demand.

How do you maximise on the press/ brand awareness of 3D- lipo?

We always use the 3D name when promoting on social media and we use banners as you enter our Day Spa to maximise impact.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? – Any further comments about the machine/ the brand/ staff/ support?

Jumping on board with 3D is the best decision we’ve ever made!!

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