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Salon Name: Simply Silhouettes

Salon Owner: Name: Anita Thomson

Location: Sheerness – Minster

How long have you had 3D- lipo in your clinic/ salon?

14 months

Why 3D- lipo?

How did you hear about 3D- lipo?

For the past 3-4 years I was attending every trade show to really understand the brand, the machine the staff, and the support on offer, until I made the decision to buy a 3D-lipo machine.

What were the key driving factors behind your decision to purchase 3D-lipo?

The key factor was the ‘result driven treatments’ that everyone was talking about in addition to the celebrities whom experienced the non-surgical weight loss treatments themselves! Because it’s a family led business, with a friendly and approachable team, I felt that I had the full support from the entire team at 3D-lipo.

How important was the 3 dimensional approach of this machine when making your purchase decision?

Extremely important because you have the opportunity to treat all round for a complete approach, rather than just being able to offer one treatment.

What do you feel gives 3D-lipo the edge over your competition in your area?

I am the only clinic in my area offering these result driven treatments. By offering 3D-lipo which has a strong brand presence behind it, as well as the results, I am the go-to specialist in my area for non-surgical fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

How would you say that 3D- lipo compliments / adds to your business model?

3D-lipo have completely changed my business, it has become much busier and popular!

You’re Clients

How did your clients react to this new addition to your treatment menu?

My clients loved it! I was telling them all about it in the lead up to the machine being delivered to my clinic, so all my clients were all aware of the machine and treatments.

On average how many clients are you treating per week on 3D- lipo?

I probably treat on average, 5-6 clients a week. It varies week by week, and is particularly busy in the run up to the summer months.

How are clients finding their results?

They are getting amazing results! The majority of my clients have had extremely amazing results with the treatments, however some clients have not had the best results due to not following aftercare procedures, that’s the reason why their results have not been as great as expected. As long as the client follows the correct aftercare advice, such as drinking plenty of water post treatment, the results are fantastic!

Business Talk

How do you advertise/ promote 3D- lipo to your existing clients and also new clients?

I have my own website and usually promote via social media, I use Facebook and Instagram to promote 3D-lipo at my clinic.  However the most popular promotion for my clinic and in my area is client referral.

How have you found the response to your promotion of the 3D-lipo in comparison to any other launches you have undertaken?

Far better because there is a lot of outside marketing involved with 3D-lipo themselves. They have helped me with marketing support of the machine, whereas with other machines I have had great results, but did not get any marketing support therefore overall 3D-lipo is much better.

How do you maximise on the press/ brand awareness of 3D- lipo?

Due to the great press exposure and social media posts from 3D-lipo, I use these to repost/copy posts and share on my Facebook page to share the excitement with my clients

Have you seen an increase in demand for 3D- lipo following the press exposure, if so do have a rough figure/ percentage of how many new clients have booked?

I have had people come up to me saying “Oh I saw your machine in a newspaper!” or “I’ve seen 3D-lipo on the TV!” Word of mouth is definitely how I get most clients through the door though.

Is your presence on our clinic finder listing benefitting your business and if so, how?

Yes because some clients have found me through the clinic finder and I am a premium partner so it works out better for me as my listing really stands out to potential clients looking for treatment in my area.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? – Any further comments about the machine/ the brand/ staff/ support….?

The team at 3D-lipo Ltd are always at the end of the phone. The trainers are always there to help with any treatment queries, and are always available out of hours so I am never left with questions unanswered. Because I work as a sole trader, there is no-one there to bounce ideas off, or to question certain protocols, because I work myself. It’s all about how my queries are dealt with, that is very important to me, and 3D have dealt with any of my queries whether it be training related, marketing help etc. professionally and quickly.

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