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The Fit3D ProScanner is the most accurate 360 body scanner on the market. With the latest in client assessment tools, we use the ProScanner alongside 3D-lipo to firstly prescribe bespoke treatments across the clients entire body and then review any distinct body change with the side by side visual comparison.

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Side by Side Comparison

Fit3D ProScanner Overview

Fit3D offers clinics the tool to prescribe body contouring treatments across the clients’ entire body. It also provides a great customer service experience by giving your client a login account to review all body changes. Due to the prescriptive approach of 3D-lipo, we needed a tool to help review the clients body in its true form.

Each body contouring client within your clinic will receive a personalised online account that they can access on any device! On this account, the user is able to view any scan they’ve taken past or present. They can also visit the comparison page to view how their body, measurements, body composition and wellness metrics have improved post treatment.

On top of this, we also offer the clinic the “Success Hub”, a fantastic login account where you can record all client results past and present to PROVE success.

Using the ProScanner alongside 3D-lipo is the ultimate combination!

Why Choose the Fit3D ProScanner?

  • Offer clients the “3D-lipo Full Body Assessment” consultation protocol.
  • Prescribe full body treatments for the best client results.
  • Prove treatment success by reviewing side by side 360 visuals, measurements and body composition stats.
  • 40 second scan time for efficiency.
  • The client gets a login account where they can review the results, on any device!
  • Set yourself apart on our clinic finder as a premium “3D-lipo Full Body Assessment Clinic” – Advertised Nationally.
  • Offer stand-alone scan packages to gym and weight loss clients in your local area.
  • Fit3D’s software is automatically updated when a new feature is released.
  • Low capital investment, high return as an up-sell tool.

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