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“The best business decision I could have made.”

“After nearly 6 years of owning my 3D-lipomed machine, and literally having no intentions of letting her go, I was introduced to her younger, sexier, sister- the 3D-lipo Ultimatepro, whilst attending the Beauty Show at Olympia this October.

I didn’t think that the technology could get much better and was slightly blasé upon my approach to the 3D-lipo Ltd stand. Within minutes, I was curious. Especially when I noticed the difference in the cryo heads.

The design and technology were dramatically different, and after being explained to about the new features, I was already hooked.  I was asked to have a treatment, so I lay down (bold as brass!) in the middle of the stand and had my upper stomach treated with cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing). Immediately, I knew that this was a game-changer, as it felt very different from the old cryo. Within 2 weeks, I felt and noticed a difference to my upper stomach and by week 4 the reduction was unbelievable. I realised I just HAD to have the 3D-lipo Ultimatepro.

My 3D-lipo Ultimatepro arrived in mid-October and the results I am seeing in all aspects are incredible. The cavitation head is not only cosmetically better to hold, but also results are almost double that the 3D-lipomed gave me. The radiofrequency is so much nicer to use and glides with ease over the skin.

Although it was a sad day when my 3D-lipomed was collected,
upgrading to the 3D-lipo Ultimatepro has proven to be the best business decision I could have made.”

Celeste Savage – 3D Body Contouring Ltd

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