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If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that the 3D-lipo Ltd team is continually growing and expanding across all departments. In our monthly roundups, we have recently introduced you to the latest additions to our ever-growing team.

We thought it was about time to let you really get to know each individual, their role within the company and how they are able to help and support each of our clients through your journey with 3D.

We have a comprehensive team of dedicated employees, with experience covering all areas required within the business including Training, Engineering, Marketing, Customer Services and much more.

As the 3D-lipo brand continues to grow and support over 900 clinic owners within The UK, whilst going through our journey with ISO 13485 and making some exciting changes that are yet to be revealed, our team must grow and expand to support this.

Meet the Team Page

We have recently launched a ‘Meet the Team’ page on our website, showcasing each staff member, the department that they are in and a short bio about themselves and what they do for 3D-lipo Ltd, just click on each image to reveal the bio!

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