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On Thursday 21st November, celebrity star Danielle Lloyd visited our flagship clinic, 3D-lipo Leamington Spa to experience the brand new 3D-HydrO2 facial treatment. Having only launched in September, the 3D-HydrO2 facial is designed to give clients a five-star facial that targets an array of universal skin concerns such as ageing, congestion and dull skin.

Danielle decided to have the 3D-HydrO2 facial in preparation for her first wedding anniversary date night saying β€œI wanted to feel the best I could and I really do feel great…Because my husband Michael is younger than me I like to do what I can to look the best I can. I want to stop the ageing process!”

After a thorough consultation with the therapist, Danielle chose to have the Time Defense Plus facial that incorporates all seven technologies found on the 3D-HydrO2 machine. The treatment began with the Hydro Peel technology to cleanse and smooth the skin while improving bacteria and inflammation.

The facial then continues onto an exfoliation treatment that allows oxygen to be drawn into the skin resulting in a hydrating and brightening effect.

Once a deep exfoliation is complete the next technology used is radiofrequency skin tightening to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to give an anti-ageing effect. This technology works in combination with the electro-ion treatment which infuses serum into the skin for intense hydration but also lifts the skin around the eyes and jaw line.

Heat is then applied to the face to open the pores, increase blood supply and aid in product infusion. Once this is complete a Hyaluronic Mask is applied and ultrasound technology is used to penetrate the product into the skin.

To finish the 90 minute facial experience, Oxygen spray is used to encourage maximum absorption of the product, allowing intense skin hydration while also having a positive effect on congestion. This is followed by a cold plate being applied to chill the skin down to 5 degrees Celsius to give a tightening effect and seal in the infused product.

Once the treatment was complete, Danielle said β€œIt was the ultimate #FiveStarFacial and afterwards my skin was glowing, radiant and fresh. I love seeing instant results and this facial definitely delivered. The best, but gross bit, was you could see the #FaceGunk that came from your face after the facial – I was shocked but impressed. I left wearing no makeup and kept it that way for the rest of the day as I felt super confident with my skin because of it. Thank you for the best experience and I can’t wait to come back to your wonderful clinic in Leamington Spa for more 3D-HydrO2 facials!”

Having only launched in September, the 3D-HydrO2 facial treatment is quickly becoming a favourite amongst the celebs.

We work closely with their clinics to encourage them to maximise on the regular PR exposure achieved for 3D-lipo treatments and this exclusive celebrity treatment day has generated an amazing amount of excitement around these new treatments and devices. As a brand, we heavily invest in national brand awareness at celebrity PR, which their clinics can use to maximise on a local level to share the celebrity excitement surrounding their treatments to their own client databases.

To find out more or to arrange your free demonstration with a 3D Business Development Manager, please contact 3D-lipo Ltd on 01788 220451.

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