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Its a pleasure to have Amy Child’s in the office who is training on 3D- lipo ready to launch it within her own salon later this month. After losing a dress size with 3D- lipo, Amy was so impressed that she has decided to introduce the treatment to her own salon. Amy Says:

“I’ve been working with 3D-lipo for the last couple of months now and have had a number of treatments to tackle a variety of areas. I had heard of 3D-lipo and wanted to see how it works, and just after a couple of sessions, I actually started to notice a difference – it’s incredible! The sessions are not long or painful either, so when I leave the clinic I can carry on with my day without having to worry about recovering which is perfect. I Loved the treatment so much I have now decided to introduce 3D- lipo to my own clinic! I can’t wait to offer this amazing treatments to my clients.”

3D Lipo