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On Thursday 24th October we took part in an exclusive celebrity pamper day at the stunning Hutton Hall in Brentwood. Our face and body specialist trainers, Nicola and Eliz attended the event to carry out a range of non-surgical face and body treatments on an extensive list of celebrity attendees.

Having recently launched two game-changing devices, the 3D-Ultimatepro which focuses on non-surgical fat loss and the 3D-HydrO2 machine which is designed to give a five star facial. These celebrities were in for a real treat, as they were some of the first to try out the latest in non-surgical fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments along with bespoke facials devised to target an array of universal skin concerns.

Nathan Massey, was one of the first to experience the facial on the day and was delighted with how his skin looked after. He was able to see the visible results of the debris, dead skin and dirt that was removed from his skin from having the facial done and had a noticeable glow stating “I’ve just had the 3D-HydrO2 facial and I can’t believe that has come out of my skin, my skin feels great”.

Other celebrities in attendance who trialled out our latest technologies were the likes of TOWIE’s Amy Childs, The Circle contestant Beth Dunlavey, celebrity hairstylist James Johnson, CBB 2018 contestant Benjamin Jardine, X-Factor 2014 finalist Jordi Whitworth, and TOWIE’s Harry Lee, amongst many other well-known faces.

Happy with the results from the 3D treatments, the celebrities posed with their 3D-HydrO2 selfie props showing off their new glowing complexions following the #fivestarfacial.

During the event, blogger Chanelle Sadie Paul had a 3D-bum lift, using the latest 3D-Ultimate Pro machine and shared her experience with her 6,700 Instagram followers saying “so I’ve just had the 3D-lipo treatment and it was absolutely pain free! I can feel a warm sensation on my bum right now but it felt like a massage and I absolutely loved it!”

At 3D-lipo Ltd, we work closely with our clinics to encourage them to maximise on the regular PR exposure achieved for 3D treatments and this exclusive celebrity treatment day has generated an amazing amount of excitement around these new treatments and devices. As a brand, 3D heavily invest in national brand awareness at celebrity PR, which our clinics can use to maximise on a local level to share the celebrity excitement surrounding their treatments to their own client databases.

To find out more or to arrange your free demonstration with one of our Business Development Managers, please contact 3D-lipo Ltd on 01788 220451.

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