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3D-lipo has had a fantastic start to the New Year with Headlines about our amazing and unique 3D-lipo machine dominating the media. The celebrity social media activity plus online news articles and magazine content has put our brand in front of millions of new consumers which in turn has driven unprecedented numbers of clients onto our website clinic finder.

Today a double page feature appears in this week’s NEW magazine with a circulation of over 400,000.00. Please take the time to view our latest PR report from CAN associates which summarises the activity that occurred on the 3D-lipo account throughout February to see how hard we are working to support our clients businesses.

Remember, when you buy from 3D you are buying more than just a machine, you become part of an award winning team and will share in the success of the 3D brand name!

Please follow us on twitter for all the latest excitement @3Dlipo or visit our website www.3d-lipo.co.uk for all the latest testimonials, press updates, news stories, events and more.

If you wish to receive more information on our unique technology, please call us on 01788 220458 or request a quote on our website


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