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At Vanilla we offer arrange of hair & beauty services, but we had been searching for something exciting to add to our clinic. We discovered 3D- lipo through their amazing PR campaign and highly commended award in the Aesthetic Awards in 2013. We have grown our business over the last 12 months with the back-up of 3D- lipo and their amazing promotional campaign. Along with this, it’s great for our business with all of the celebrity stars talking about how they have all had positive results with 3D- lipo. We have a full diary weekly, and we are considering purchasing another machine. We have had amazing results and positive feedback- I would recommend that this is a business in a box. After working with 3D- lipo at Professional Beauty North and brushing shoulders with Amy Childs, we have recently received a message saying she has now invested in a machine. This is only the tip of the ice burg and the success has just begun, if you buy into 3D- lipo you buy into a brand and have a team behind supporting you and your business

Jane Prentice

Vanilla Hair Health & Beauty

3D-lipo | A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative to Lipo Suction

3D-lipo | A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative to Lipo Suction