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“We introduced 3D-Lipo to Renatus Clinic over 2 years ago. I was getting fantastic results from the very beginning from the Ultrasound Cavitation fat removal process combined with The Tri Polar Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. I was getting clients of all shapes and sizes, all were seeing a difference after the course of treatments. For some it was the kick start they needed to start a healthier way of life and others it allowed them to see a change in their shape after becoming despondant after trying lots of different diets. I also started treating some clients with the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening as a stand alone treatment mainly on the abdomen area, they too were seeing a real difference in the tone and texture of their skin after treatments.

The PR that 3D-Lipo have worked on has put the brand in the media spotlight and has helped to introduce business. I can say that it was a worthwhile investment that has paid off and still continues to do so.”


Renatus Clinic

3D-lipo | A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative to Lipo Suction

3D-lipo | A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative to Lipo Suction